F-Tile Interlaken Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683622
Date 1/14/2022

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Document Table of Contents RX Error Handling

In the Interlaken Look-aside mode, the IP checks for CRC24 errors in incoming data stream. For CRC24 errors, you should use crc24_err signal similar to Interlaken mode. The crc24_err signal can appear after irx_valid signal.

If there is a data word just before CRC24 errored control word, the IP copies the CRC24 error bit to the location of the last word as well as original location of CRC24 error.

There is no checking on the validity of each field of control word other than CRC24. The corrupted bit exposed to the user interface without modification. Ignore burst which has CRC24 error. Use error handling for invalid fields.