Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

ID 683472
Date 7/05/2023

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5.5.5. Rereading an Existing License File on a License Server

If you change the license file, you must reread the license file or restart the license server before you can run the Intel® Quartus® Prime software again. If you have an existing FLEXlm license server with an existing license file for the MAX+PLUS® II software, or software from another vendor, and the FLEXlm license manager server software is version 11.11.1, you can copy and paste the FEATURE lines from your Intel® Quartus® Prime license.dat file into your existing license file. Make sure you modify the FEATURE lines for your server.
At a command prompt, type:
<Intel Quartus Prime system directory>/linux64/lmutil lmreread
<Intel Quartus Prime system directory>\bin64\lmutil lmreread
Note: You can see a list and description of the available FLEXlm options by typing lmgrd -help at a command prompt.