Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

ID 683472
Date 7/05/2023

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4.8.2. Installing and Configuring a Local JTAG Server (jtagd) on Linux

jtagd is the Linux version of jtagserver.

In a typical operation, the client application (for example, Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer) starts the jtagd, which runs under your user account that is running the Intel® FPGA software. In this mode, jtagd exits after two minutes of idleness.

If you want to connect to the JTAG Server remotely, then manually run jtagd as a process by running the command <path>/quartus/linux64/jtagd with no argument, followed by running the command jtagconfig --enableremote <password> to make JTAG Server accept connection from remote clients. This allows you to log off without terminating the jtagd process.
Note: For additional information about operating JTAG Server in a more secure manner, refer to the application note AN 939: JTAG Connections Over SSH.