Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

ID 683472
Date 4/03/2023

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4.3.2. Installing Intel FPGA Software at the Command Prompt

You can install Intel FPGA software for Windows* or Linux using command-line arguments. You can also group installation instructions into a custom installation script.
To run the installer executable, use:
  • Linux:
  • Windows* :
The installation wizard appears to guide you through the installation process.
Note: The Intel® Quartus® Prime software installer is the main installer. You must have administrator privileges to install it on Windows. It installs other software, such as DSP Builder, if that installer exists in the same location. If a standalone product is not installed by the Intel® Quartus® Prime software installer, then you must install it separately.

Command-line Installer Examples

To see the installer's Help in Linux:
<product>-<version>-<os>.run --help
To run the installation with minimal or no interaction with the installer:
<product>-<version>-<os>.exe --mode unattended
                             --unattendedmodeui minimal 
                             --installdir <installation directory> 
                             --accept_eula 1
To install in console mode (no X display) for Linux:
<product>-<version>-<os>.run --mode text
                             --installdir <installation directory>