Interlaken (2nd Generation) Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683396
Date 12/04/2023
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5.4. Management Interface Signals

The management interface signals are available for the Avalon® -MM (AVMM) interface.
Table 31.  Management Interface Signals
Signal Name Feature Support Width (Bits) I/O Direction Description
mm_clk ILK and ILA 1 Input Management clock. Clocks the register accesses. It is also used for clock rate monitoring and some analog calibration procedures. You must run this clock at a frequency in the range of 100 MHz–125 MHz.
mm_read 1 Input

Read access to the register ports.

mm_write 1 Input

Write access to the register ports.

mm_addr 16 Input

Address to access the register ports.

mm_rdata 32 Output

When mm_rdata_valid is high, mm_rdata holds valid read data.

mm_rdata_valid 1 Output

Valid signal for mm_rdata.

mm_wdata 32 Input

When mm_write is high, mm_wdata holds valid write data.

mm_waitrequest 1 Output Busy signal for mm_rdata.