AN 770: Partially Reconfiguring a Design on Intel® Arria® 10 SoC Development Board

ID 683345
Date 11/06/2017

Creating Implementation Revisions

To create the PR implementation revisions:
  1. To open the Revisions dialog box, click Project > Revisions.
  2. To create a new revision, double-click <<new revision>>.
  3. Specify the Revision name as blinking_led_pr_alpha and select blinking_led for Based on Revision.
  4. Disable the Set as current revision option and click OK.
  5. Similarly, create blinking_led_pr_bravo and blinking_led_pr_charlie revisions, based on the blinking_led revision.
    Note: Do not set the above revisions as current revision.
Figure 9. Creating Revisions