Arria 10 SoC Virtual Platform User Guide

ID 683326
Date 9/16/2015
Document Table of Contents

1.8.2. Building Linux

  1. Set the default shell to bash. Select No when you are prompted to use dash as the system shell:
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash
    Figure 2. Bash Shell Configuration
  2. To compile Linux using Ångström, type the following commands:
    git clone git://
    cd angstrom-socfpga
    git checkout angstrom-v2014.12-socfpga
  3. Setup your environment by typing the following commands:
    export KERNEL_PROVIDER="linux-altera-ltsi"
    export KERNEL_TAG="51a839398fdcdda7b283b7ac27425011c436525d" 
    MACHINE=arria10swvp ./ config arria10swvp
    Note: The current Linux kernel configuration can be found on
  4. Build the kernel:
    source environment-angstrom-v2014.12
    MACHINE=arria10swvp bitbake virtual/kernel console-image virtual/bootloader

    Some third-party sources may not be present during the build process at remote repositories and may prevent this command from working. If this happens, the build command may fail with an error similar to this example case for gumstix source code:

    IOError: file <PATH_TO_ANGSTROM_DIR>/angstrom-socfpga/sources/meta-gumstix-community/conf/layer.conf not found
    ERROR: Unable to parse <PATH_TO_ANGSTROM_DIR>/angstrom-socfpga/sources/meta-gumstix-community/conf/layer.conf: file <PATH_TO_ANGSTROM_DIR>/angstrom-socfpga/sources/meta-gumstix-community/conf/layer.conf not found

    If this happens, you must edit the <PATH_TO_ANGSTROM_DIR>/angstrom-socfpga/conf/bblayers.conf file and remove the source causing problems. In the example above, removing the line shown below from bblayers.conf allows the build to complete: