Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Scripting

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Date 9/24/2018
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1.7. Using Command-Line Executables in Scripts

You can use command-line executables in scripts that control other software, in addition to Intel® Quartus® Prime software. For example, if your design flow uses third-party synthesis or simulation software, and you can run this other software at the command prompt, you can group those commands with Intel® Quartus® Prime executables in a single script.

To set up a new project and apply individual constraints, such as pin location assignments and timing requirements, you must use a Tcl script or the Intel® Quartus® Prime GUI.

Command-line executables are very useful for working with existing projects, for making common global settings, and for performing common operations. For more flexibility in a flow, use a Tcl script. Additionally, Tcl scripts simplify passing data between different stages of the design flow.

For example, you can create a UNIX shell script to run a third-party synthesis software, place-and-route the design in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, and generate output netlists for other simulation software.

This script shows a script that synthesizes a design with the Synopsys* Synplify software, simulates the design using the Mentor Graphics* ModelSim® software, and then compiles the design targeting a Cyclone® V device.

# Run synthesis first.
# This example assumes you use Synplify software
synplify -batch synthesize.tcl
# If your Quartus Prime project exists already, you can just
# recompile the design.
# You can also use the script described in a later example to
# create a new project from scratch
quartus_sh --flow compile myproject
# Use the quartus_sta executable to do fast and slow-model
# timing analysis
quartus_sta myproject --model=slow
quartus_sta myproject --model=fast
# Use the quartus_eda executable to write out a gate-level
# Verilog simulation netlist for ModelSim
quartus_eda my_project --simulation --tool=modelsim --format=verilog
# Perform the simulation with the ModelSim software
vlib cycloneV_ver
vlog -work cycloneV_ver /opt/quartusii/eda/sim_lib/cycloneV_atoms.v
vlib work
vlog -work work my_project.vo
vsim -L cycloneV_ver -t 1ps work.my_project