Nios II Embedded Design Suite Release Notes

ID 683228
Date 6/17/2015
Document Table of Contents

1.1. Product Revision History

The following table shows the revision history for the Nios® II EDS.
Table 1.  Nios II Embedded Design Suite Revision History
Version Date Description
15.0 June 2015
  • New MAX® 10 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) HAL driver
  • New Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI) HAL Driver
  • Enhancements to the MAX® 10 ADC HAL Driver
  • HAL drivers for MAX® 10 remote update IP core
  • Nios II GNU toolchain upgraded to v4.9.1, including support for new compiler options
  • Nios II Linux kernel and toolchain components have been accepted upstream
14.1 December 2014
  • Introduces Nios II Gen2
  • The original Nios II processor is now called the Nios II Classic processor.
  • Upgrade to Eclipse® 4.3
  • New embedded IP support
  • Nios II toolchain improvements:
    • Link Time Optimization enabled [-flto]
    • Upgrades: GCC v4.8.3, Newlib v1.18, GDB v7.7
    • Windows host compile/build time performance improvements
  • 64-bit support for all host tools
  • Nios II Gen2 support for MAX® 10
  • alt-file-convert (BETA) tool added
  • Quad serial configuration (EPCQ) BootLoader and EPCQ HAL Support
  • Upgraded EPCQ Controller IP (x4, L support)


July 2014

  • Verified with Quartus II v14.0 software
  • 32-bit host support removed
  • Added support for Nios II Gen2 processor cores
  • Resolved runtime stack checking issues
  • Resolved compiler long jump support issue
  • Resolved linking issue with newlib for Floating Point Hardware 2

For more information about Nios II EDS features, refer to the Nios II handbooks.