Nios II Embedded Design Suite Release Notes

ID 683228
Date 6/17/2015
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1.5.1. GCC Upgraded to 4.7.3

In v13.1, the Nios II Software Build Tools (SBT) have been updated to support the v4.7.3 version of GCC.

There are command line option differences between GCC v4.7.3 and the previously supported version. If you have an existing project created with a previous version, you need to update your makefiles or regenerate your board support package (BSP).

Note: GCC v4.7.3 adds several new warnings and messages. If you used the -Werror command-line option in the previous version, you might see unexpected errors generated by the new warnings.

For details about the Nios II GCC 4.7.3 implementation, refer to Nios II GNU toolchain upgrade from GCC 4.1.2 to GCC 4.7.3 in the Intel Knowledge Base.

The Free Software Foundation provides a guide to porting to GCC 4.7, documenting common issues. This guide can be found on GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection, under Porting to GCC 4.7. Full GCC release notes are available under GCC Releases.