Bare Metal User Guide

ID 683211
Date 11/30/2015
Document Table of Contents ARM Linker Settings

  1. Define the “Target CPU (--cpu)” as “Cortex-A9” in the Target section.
    Figure 61. ARM Linker Target Settings
  2. "Define the Image entry point (--entry) as "alt_interrupt_vector" and add the Scatter file (--scatter) location in the "Image Layout" section.
    Figure 62. ARM Linker Image Layout Settings
  3. Leave “Libraries”, “Optimization”, “Additional Information”, and “Warnings and Errors” with default values.
  4. Add the FPGA object file in the Miscellaneous settings section.
  5. Click on the Add... icon and Browse to the location of the FPGA object file under the "armcc_fpga_managed_make" Workspace.
    Figure 63. ARM Linker Miscellaneous Settings
    Figure 64. ARM Linker Miscellaneous Settings - Part 2
  6. Click Apply and then OK to apply settings and return.

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