Intel® FPGA RTE for OpenCL™ Pro Edition: Getting Started Guide

ID 683173
Date 12/19/2022
Document Table of Contents

1.3.4. Managing Host Application

The Intel® FPGA RTE for OpenCL™ includes utility commands you can invoke to obtain information on flags and libraries necessary for compiling and linking your host application.
Attention: To cross-compile your host application to an SoC FPGA board, include the --arm option in your utility command.

For Linux systems, if you debug your host application using the GNU Project Debugger (GDB), invoke the following command prior to running the host application:

handle SIG44 nostop

Without this command, the GDB debugging process terminates with the following error message:

Program received signal SIG44, Real-time event 44.

For information on the following utility command options, refer to the Managing Host Application section of the Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL Programming Guide:

  • example-makefile or makefile
  • compile-config
  • ldflags
  • ldlibs
  • link-config or linkflags