Intel® FPGA RTE for OpenCL™ Pro Edition: Getting Started Guide

ID 683173
Date 12/19/2022
Document Table of Contents Building the Host Application

Build your SoC FPGA-specific OpenCL™ host application using the GCC cross-compiler available with the Linux version of the SoC EDS.
  1. At a command prompt, invoke the following command to set the PATH environment variable:
    export PATH=<path_to_SoCEDS_installation_dir>/ds-5/sw/gcc/bin:$PATH
  2. Navigate to the <local_path_to_exm_opencl_hello_world>/hello_world directory.
  3. Invoke the make -f Makefile command. Alternatively, you can simply invoke the make command.
    The hello_world executable is in the <local_path_to_exm_opencl_hello_world>/hello_world/bin directory.