Tandem Motion-Power 48 V Board Reference Manual

ID 683164
Date 11/05/2020

Tandem Motion-Power 48 V Board Features

  • Two motor axes, each with three-phase MOSFET power stages operating up to 125 kHz
  • Input voltage range 9 to 16 V DC
  • DC link voltage of 12 to 48 V from DC-DC boost-buck converter
    • Variable 62.5 to 125 kHz switching frequency
    • Two-phase conversion for smoother output
    • Bidirectional, allowing regeneration with buck conversion to 12 V
  • Enpirion® switch mode power supplies for logic, position sensors, MOSFET gate drives and regulated 12 V output
  • Sigma-delta ADCs for sensing voltages and currents
  • Direct analog connection to suitable development kits such as the MAX® 10M50 Development Kit
  • Sensed motor phase currents and voltages to enable sensorless control
  • Position feedback interfaces for each axis:
    • Quadrature incremental encoder
    • Resolver with Tamagawa resolver-to-digital converter (RDC)
    • Hall effect (6-step position feedback)
    • EnDat absolute encoder
    • BiSS absolute encoder

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