50G Interlaken Design Example User Guide

ID 683029
Date 10/31/2022

A. Document Revision History for 50G Interlaken Design Example User Guide

Date Changes
2022.10.31 Added support for the Xcelium* simulator.
2021.10.04 Updated simulator information in section: Simulating the Design and Hardware and Software Requirements.
2018.03.22 Made following changes to Simulating the Design section:
  • Corrected simulation directory location.
  • Updated command to simulate the testbench in NCSim and VCS simulators.
  • Updated simulation ends display message.
  • Changed the title to 50G Interlaken Design Example User Guide.
  • Corrected the Figure: Arria 10 50G Interlaken IP Core Example Design Block Diagram.
  • Updated the Figure: Directory Structure for the Generated Example Design.
2016.05.02 Initial release