Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference for Windows* OS

ID 768734
Date 12/16/2022

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What's New

This page lists changes to the product that are reflected in the documentation. For a list of all changes, refer to the Release Notes.

Intel® MPI Library 2021.8 (Intel® oneAPI 2023.0)

  • Added I_MPI_SPAWN function.
  • Changed default value of I_MPI_OFFLOAD_PIPELINE_THRESHOLD variable.

Intel® MPI Library 2021.7.1 (Intel® oneAPI 2022.4)

  • No documentation changes.

Intel® MPI Library 2021.7 (Intel® oneAPI 2022.3)

  • No documentation changes.

Intel® MPI Library 2021.6 (Intel® oneAPI 2022.2)

  • No documentation changes.

Intel® oneAPI 2021.5

  • Added hcoll argument for I_MPI_COLL_EXTERNAL.
  • Added option to Global Options topic.
  • Added I_MPI_COLL_DIRECT variable to I_MPI_ADJUST Family Environment Variables topic.
  • No documentation changes.
  • Changed the default pinning order to bunch.
  • Added new value for the I_MPI_SHM variable (icx).
  • Added new variable I_MPI_HYDRA_BSTRAP_KEEP_ALIVE.

Intel® oneAPI 2021.2

Additionally, minor updates have been made to fix inaccuracies in the document and improve user experience.

  • No documentation changes.

Intel® oneAPI Gold

  • Removed all content specific to Intel® Parallel Studio XE (see notice on title page).
  • Added Intel® Ethernet 800 Series support.
  • Added MPI + OpenMP offload examples.
  • Added new algorithm for MPI_Sendrecv_replace (I_MPI_ADJUST_SENDRECV_REPLACE=2).
  • Reworked directory layout:
    • Removed intel64/.
    • Mpivars.[c]sh and mpi modulefile moved to env/.
    • Mpivars.[c]sh renamed to vars.[c]sh.
  • Removed deprecated symbolic links.
  • Removed static libraries for debug configurations.