Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference for Windows* OS

ID 768734
Date 12/16/2022

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User Authorization

The Intel® MPI Library supports several authentication methods under Windows* OS:


Select a user authorization method.




<method> Define the authorization method.
<not set> Use the default bootstrap mechanism, not relies on hydra_service.This is the default value.
delegate Use the domain-based authorization with delegation ability.
impersonate Use the limited domain-based authorization. You will not be able to open files on remote machines or access mapped network drives.


Set this environment variable to select a desired authorization method. If this environment variable is not defined, mpiexec uses the password-based authorization method by default. The setting of I_MPI_AUTH_METHOD to any value above leads to the usage of service-based bootstrap. Alternatively, you can change the default behavior by using the -delegate or -impersonate options.

For more details, see the Developer Guide, section User Authorization.