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Date 12/16/2022

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<span class='codeph'>mpitune_fast</span>

This utility tunes the Intel® MPI Library to the cluster configuration using the Autotuning functionality.


mpitune_fast <options>


Options Description
-c | --colls Set custom collective operations to tune, delimited by commas.
-d | --results_dir <path-to-results-dir>

Set custom directory for tuning results, host files, and logs. Default: the current working directory.

-h | --help Display the help message.
-n <n> Specify the number of nodes. This can be a comma-delimited set of values to set up several launches.
-pd <path-to-performance-results-dir>,

--perf_results_dir <path-to-performance-results-dir>

Set a custom directory for validation performance results.

Default: performance_results_<timestamp>.

-ppn <n> Specify the number of processes per node. This can be a comma-delimited set of values to set up several launches.
-val <path-to-tuning-file>,

--validate <path-to-tuning-file>

Run the tuning file validation cycle to validate the existing tuning file.


The mpitune_fast utility allows you to automatically set up the Intel MPI Library and launch with Autotuning enabled and configured for your cluster configuration.

The tool iteratively launches the Intel® MPI Benchmarks utility with the proper autotuner environment and generates a .dat file with the tuning parameters for your cluster configuration.

After generation the tuning file, set it as I_MPI_TUNING_BIN:

$ export I_MPI_TUNING_BIN=./tuning_results.dat
$ mpiexec <args>

Workload Managers  Support

mpitune_fast supports Slurm and LSF workload managers. It automatically defines job allocated hosts and performs launches.

MPI Options Support

The following MPI options are available within the utility:

Options Description
-f <filename> Specify a file containing host names.
-hosts HOSTS, --hosts HOSTS Set the host names, delimited by commas. Example: --hosts host1,host2

Example (default launch):

$ mpitune_fast -f ./hostfile

Example (customized launch):

$ mpitune_fast -ppn 8,4,2,1 -f ./hostfile -c alltoall,allreduce,barrier

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