Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference for Linux* OS

ID 768732
Date 12/16/2022

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Document Table of Contents

Command Reference

This section provides information on different command types and how to use these commands:

  • Compilation Commands lists the available Intel® MPI Library compiler commands, related options, and environment variables.

  • mpirun provides the description and examples for the mpirun command.

  • mpiexec.hydra gives full information on the mpiexec.hydra command, its options, environment variables, and related features and utilities.

  • cpuinfo provides the syntax, arguments, description and output examples for the cpuinfo utility.

  • impi_info provides information on available environment variables.

  • mpitune_fast provides information on configuration options for the mpitune_fast utility.

  • mpitune provides information on configuration options for the mpitune utility.