Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference for Linux* OS

ID 768732
Date 12/16/2022

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Compiler Commands

The following table lists the available Intel® MPI Library compiler commands with their underlying compilers and programming languages.

Intel MPI Library Compiler Wrappers
Compiler Command Default Compiler Supported Languages
Generic Compilers
mpicc gcc, cc C
mpicxx g++ C/C++
mpifc gfortran Fortran77*/Fortran 95*
GNU* Compilers
mpigcc gcc C
mpigxx g++ C/C++
mpif77 gfortran Fortran 77
mpif90 gfortran Fortran 95
Intel® Fortran, C++ Compilers
mpiicc icc C
mpiicpc icpc C++
mpiifort ifort Fortran77/Fortran 95

Notes on Compiler Commands

  • Compiler commands are available only in the Intel MPI Library Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • For the supported versions of the listed compilers, refer to the Intel® MPI Library System Requirements.
  • To display mini-help of a compiler command, execute it without any parameters.
  • Compiler wrapper scripts are located in the <install-dir>/bin directory, where <install-dir> is the Intel MPI Library installation directory.
  • The environment settings can be established by sourcing the <install-dir>/env/vars.[c]sh script. To use a specific library configuration, pass one of the following arguments to the script to switch to the corresponding configuration: release or debug.
  • Ensure that the corresponding underlying compiler is already in your PATH. If you use Intel® compilers, source the script from the installation directory to set up the compiler environment.