Intel® Inspector User Guide for Windows* OS

ID 767798
Date 5/15/2022

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Use rules defined in a suppression file to exclude known problems during collection.


-suppression-file <PATH>


A string containing the PATH/name for the suppression file. This may be an absolute path, or a path relative to the current working directory.

Pathname can be either:


The name of a directory containing suppression files.


The name of a suppression file. May be an absolute pathname or name relative to the current working directory. The inspxe-cl tool appends a .sup extension if no extension is specified.

For multiple arguments: You may specify this option multiple times in a single command, or specify multiple arguments in a comma-separated list (no spaces). For example, the following are equivalent:

-suppression-file mySup1 -suppression-file mySup2.txt

-suppression-file mySup1,mySup2


Use the suppression-file action-option to apply one or more suppression files when performing the collect or collect-with action. You can use the create-suppression-file action to generate a suppression file that contains rules that define which problems should be excluded from the Summary of detected problems.

When suppression-file is used with the collect action, the process uses all files with a .sup extension in the directory.


This command:

  • Runs a Detect Deadlocks and Data Races (ti2) analysis on the application myApp.

  • Uses the short name -s-f for the suppression-file option.

  • Uses suppression files for myProject, found in the Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE standard location for private suppression files: C:\myProject\My Inspector Results-[project name]\suppressions.

  • Stores the result in a default-named result directory under the current working directory.

  • Generates a summary report of new or unsuppressed problems, and saves the report as inspxe-cl.txt in the result directory.

$ inspxe-cl -collect ti2 -s-f "C:\myProject\My Inspector Results\suppressions" -- myApp