Intel® Inspector User Guide for Windows* OS

ID 767798
Date 5/15/2022

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Regression Testing Workflow

There are many ways to take advantage of the power and flexibility of the Intel Inspector.

Intel Inspector Help recommends this workflow to help maximize your productivity as quickly as possible when performing regression testing.

The following figure shows an overview of this workflow. To display more information about a workflow step:

  • Position (hover) the mouse pointer to display a brief explanation.

  • Click to display the associated topic.


If clicking the workflow step does not display the associated topic, use the text links below the figure.

Configure and run an analysis. Click to learn more. Interpret and resolve issues. Click to learn more. Create a suppression file to match problems you do not want reported. Click to learn more. Run an analysis (as a background or automated task if desired). Click to learn more. Generate a status, summary, list of problems, or list of code locations report. Click to learn more. Interpret report contents. Click to learn more