Intel® Active Management Technology Developers Guide

ID 772055
Date 1/05/2021
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Intel® AMT Configuration Utility

The Intel® Active Management Technology Configuration Utility (ACUWizard.exe) is a wizard that is used for a variety of common configuration tasks, such as to quickly configure individual systems or create XML profiles for use with the Configurator Utility. This wizard does not interface with the RCS, so it is unable to send requests or data to an RCS. For more information, refer to the Intel(R)_AMT_Configuration_Utility.pdf within the Configurator download Package.

The Intel AMT Configuration Utility can be used in four different ways for configuration:

  1. Profile Creation, File Only – This is used to create a profile.xml file for use in configuration with the configurator tool.
  2. Profile Creation, USB Key - Single Use – This creates a setup.bin file on a USB drive that can be used for a single configuration attempt. It is best used for clients that the OS is DHC is statically configured with an IP address. It puts Intel AMT Client into Admin Control Mode.
  3. Profile Creation, USB Key - Multi Use – This creates a setup.bin file on a USB drive that can be used for multiple configuration attempts. This is best used in a single customer environment and all clients are DHCP enabled.
  4. Host Based Configuration via OS – This provides a GUI for configuring the Intel AMT client from within a Windows* OS.


*No product or component can be absolutely secure.