Chapter 1: The Basics of Rasterization and Ray Tracing
In this course, Katrina Feliciano-Stoddard, product line leader for Visualization Solutions at Intel, provides an overview of rasterization and ray tracing including the advantages and challenges of each method for visualization. Katrina examines the trends in visualization, and then introduces the open-source libraries that make up the Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit.

Chapter 2: Rasterization versus Ray Tracing and Trends
Take a closer look at the differences between rasterization and ray tracing, and get an overview of the trends to watch in visualization.

Chapter 3: Ray Tracing Challenges and the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit
Examine the challenges with ray tracing and how Intel is addressing some of them. Get an introduction to the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit, including the open-source libraries of Intel® Embree, Intel® OSPRay, Intel® OpenSWR, and Intel® Open Image Denoise.

Katrina Feliciano-Stoddard
Product line leader, Visualization Solutions, Intel Corporation

Katrina has been part of the Visualization Solutions group for more than two years. She is an accomplished marketing and sales leader in technology including software, hardware, services, and consulting. Katrina has worked directly with customers across HPC, SaaS, ERP, SCM, data management, CRM, PLM, and business intelligence.


Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit

Accelerate high-fidelity rendering and visualization applications with a set of rendering and ray-tracing libraries optimized for XPU performance at any scale.

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