An Optimized Path Using Intel® Architecture

Learn how you can get a course completion certificate, and discover additional AI courses and resources to enhance your skills.

Hi. I'm Meghana Rao, and this is the AI from the Data Center to the Edge video series. In this video, I talk about how you can obtain a course completion certificate and point you to additional AI courses and resources to enhance your AI skills.

So far, you have learned about Intel's AI Portfolio, steps for performing exploratory data analysis, training a deep neural network model, model analysis, and deployment to the edge. Once you complete the course, you have the opportunity to complete a quiz that will recap the concepts. You can then request a course completion certificate that you can display on your social media profiles. Additionally, you can go to the Intel® Developer Zone to continue your education on artificial intelligence and Intel® AI offerings through self-paced courses, code samples, and articles.

Thanks for watching AI from the Data Center to the Edge. We hope this video series has been useful in providing the foundations to build AI solutions on Intel® architecture, and reduce your time to solution and time to market. Make sure you check out the links to start the course today.