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Ever since its introduction in 2014, SYCL has grown in popularity and adoption. It is a royalty-free, cross-platform abstraction layer that enables code for heterogeneous processors, written in a “single-source” style using C++ standards.

The flexibility to deploy across multiple platforms, reuse code helps enable advanced hardware features that can be used by developers. This allows develops the flexibility that they are looking for.

Today’s conversation with our guests touches upon SYCL’s evolution and its adoption both in academia and in enterprise applications. We will discuss how academia and enterprise are learning how to program with SYCL in addition to what the future holds for this open standard.

Your Hosts

  • Roberto Di Remigio Eikås, Research Software Engineer at ENCCS (LinkedIn*  |  Twitter*)
  • Noah Clemons, Staff Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel (LinkedIn*)

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