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Published: 04/23/2021  

Last Updated: 04/23/2021


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Dr. Ruymán Reyes Castro
CTO, Codeplay Software*

Kevin Harms
Senior software developer, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Dr. Ruymán Reyes Castro and Kevin Harms talk about their collaboration with the National Energy for Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at Lawrence Berkeley Lab to enhance the LLVM-based Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) open-source compiler, based on the SYCL* standard, to support NVIDIA* GPUs. They discuss the key role of open communities in furthering innovation, building on top of the modern C++ standard to support accelerators and advanced hardware, fostering a strong ecosystem around SYCL and DPC++, the merits of the latest features in the SYCL 2020 standard, and more.

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