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Updated 8/28/2020
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docker pull intelanalytics/zoo-cluster-serving:0.9.0

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Ubuntu*:18.04 x86_64 0.9.0 2.49 GB 9/2020 docker pull intelanalytics/zoo-cluster-serving:0.9.0


Analytics Zoo Cluster Serving is a lightweight distributed, real-time serving solution that supports a wide range of deep learning models (such as TensorFlow*, PyTorch*, Caffe*, BigDL, and OpenVINO™ toolkit models).

It provides a simple pub/sub API, so that the users can easily send their inference requests to the input queue (using a simple Python* API); Cluster Serving will then automatically manage the scale-out and real-time model inference across a large cluster (using distributed streaming frameworks such as Apache Spark* Streaming, Apache Flink*, etc.)

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