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Using the stdcall Calling Convention in C/C++

stdcall functionality has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release of the product.
Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
supports stdcall calling convention for the following function domains:
  • BLAS, except CBLAS, compact API, and JIT API
  • Sparse BLAS (NIST-like interfaces only)
  • Vector Mathematics
  • Vector Statistics (VS)
  • Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
  • RCI Iterative Solvers for Linear Problems (Iterative Sparse Solvers based on Reverse Communication Interface)
  • Support Functions
To use the stdcall calling convention in C/C++, follow the guidelines below:
  • In your function calls, pass lengths of character strings to the functions. For example, compare the following calls to the VS function
    errstatus = vslLoadStreamF(&stream, "streamfile.bin");
    errstatus = vslLoadStreamF(&stream, "streamfile.bin", 14);
  • Define the
    macro using either of the following techniques:
    • Define the macro in your source code before including
      Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
      header files:
      ... #define MKL_STDCALL #include "mkl.h" ...
    • Pass the macro to the compiler. For example:
      icl -DMKL_STDCALL foo.c
  • Link your application with the following library:
    • mkl_intel_s.lib
      for static linking
    • mkl_intel_s_dll.lib
      for dynamic linking
      Avoid linking with the Single Dynamic Library
      because its support of the stdcall calling convention is limited.

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