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  • 05/05/2020
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Discover how to use the MPI Tuner for Intel® MPI Library to get optimized configuration files for the runtime library automatically. You can also get basic usage examples and troubleshooting tips from this tutorial.
About This Tutorial
This tutorial demonstrates various methods to optimize the performance of Intel® MPI Library for your own cluster and applications, including:
  • Minimize the cluster tuning time
  • Include missed values in the default parameter grid during cluster tuning
  • Configure the optimal settings during application tuning
  • Troubleshoot commonly seen issues when using the MPI tuner
Estimated Duration
15-20 minutes.
Learning Objectives
After you complete this tutorial, you should be able to:
  • Use the MPI tuner to get optimal settings for the Intel® MPI Library relevant to your cluster or your application configuration
  • Troubleshoot common issues when using the MPI tuner
More Resources
To get more information about the MPI Tuner for Intel® MPI Library, see the following resources:

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