• 03/25/2021
  • Public Content

DirectX12 View Instancing and Vulkan Multiview

This feature is based on the observation that there are cases of redundant geometry processing where there is a shared use of the geometry between different views based on the position of the camera. Examples of this is like in the case of each side of a cube map, cascades of shadow maps and/or stereo view.
  • Normally the draw calls will be sent from the CPU to the GPU multiple times which can become a bottleneck for scenes with a lot of objects or drawcalls. Xᵉ-LP introduces support for hardware that enables replicating geometry for multiple views in a single pass. By converting multiple passes or instances where the geometry is processed the same way to a single pass avoid redundant CPU and GPU work.
  • Xᵉ-LP supports Tier 2 level of VI on D3D12 and works in conjunction with VRS to enable further performance gains.

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