Intel® AI Processors

Intel® AI Processors deliver the scale and efficiency demanded by deep learning model evolution

Deep learning is taking the next leap forward. Increasingly sophisticated and complex data, models, and techniques will allow AI to move beyond identifying information to understanding context – enabling a level of “common sense” for reasoning and decision-making. But this evolution is pushing existing compute to a breaking point.

Intel® AI Processors are built from the ground up to break through existing memory and data flow bottlenecks, enabling distributed learning algorithms and systems that will scale up deep learning reasoning, using more advanced forms of AI to go beyond the conversion of data into information-turning data into global knowledge.

Intel Acquired Habana Labs

Intel Corporation has announced that it has acquired Habana Labs, an Israel-based developer of programmable deep learning accelerators for the data center for approximately $2 billion. The combination strengthens Intel’s artificial intelligence (AI) portfolio and accelerates its efforts in the nascent, fast-growing AI silicon market, which Intel expects to be greater than $25 billion by 2024.

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