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Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors



Next-Gen Performance Hybrid

Intel continues to innovate with improvements to its revolutionary performance hybrid architecture. Intel® Core™ Ultra processors feature 3D performance hybrid architecture, combining two core microarchitectures on a single processor chip.1 Each core type is purpose-built for specific kinds of tasks, leading to supercharged performance paired with a battery that lasts.

Performance-cores are optimized for lightly and singlethreaded workloads like performance and gaming, while Efficient-cores are optimized for scaling highly threaded workloads. The newest core type, Low-power Efficient-cores, are designed for scalable multithreaded performance and offloading background tasks. Meanwhile, Intel® Thread Director prioritizes and manages distribution of workloads, sending tasks to optimized cores.3

Intel® Core™ Ultra processors also feature a suite of Intel’s cutting-edge performance tools and services. Intel® Adaptive Boost is designed to increase gaming and multi-core performance by intelligently boosting the processor to run faster than its rated frequency as power, heat, and workload allow. Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 directs critical workloads to them as power, heat, and workload allow.4

Immersive Experiences

Intel® Core™ Ultra processors are designed to deliver immersive experiences wherever you go, featuring discrete-level graphics, best-in-class connectivity,5 and enhanced media technology.

With an Intel® Arc™ GPU built-in, AI powers advanced creation and gameplay2. Enjoy the high performance needed for accelerated content creation and immersive high-resolution gaming, even while on the go. Combine this with AV1 encode and decode, HDMI 2.1,6 DisplayPort 2.1, support for four simultaneous 4K displays, a new audio DSP, and you get visual and audio experiences worthy of the premium title!

Immersion also means easy and reliable connection with peripherals and the internet! Integrated Thunderbolt™ 4 technology lets you connect multiple displays, storage, charging, and other peripherals while support for Intel® WiFi 7 and Intel® Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.4 and 5.3 delivers supercharged wireless performance and enables seamless, immersive online gameplay. Intel® Double Connect Technology enhances your Wi-Fi gaming experience by simultaneously connecting over two Wi-Fi bands and prioritizing gaming traffic on the faster band!

Accelerating AI Innovation

Whether you're working, collaborating, creating, or playing, Intel® Core™ Ultra processors deliver three dedicated engines (CPU, GPU, and NPU) to help unlock the power of AI, create immersive graphics experiences, and enable high-performance low-power processing.

Intel® AI Boost is an integrated AI engine for low-power AI acceleration and CPU/GPU off-load, while Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator processes AI speech and audio applications while simultaneously freeing up CPU resources for overall system performance and responsiveness.

Intel is working with leading industry ISVs to optimize your experience with AI. With AI tools and laptops powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors, you can be your own digital artist, writer, or musician!

  • Generate an image of whatever is on your mind in a couple of keystrokes.

  • Remix your favorite song with just a few simple clicks and text entries, or separate the vocals and create a quick karaoke hit.

  • Make your photos more vibrant with intelligent lighting correction that amplifies every detail.

  • Dramatically enhance boring photos by adding a more colorful sky or dropping in a mysterious fog, all with remarkable detail and realism.

Intel vPro® Platform

Intel vPro® platform enabled laptops change how businesses use, secure, and manage devices.

The commercial PC market is propelled by premium computing solutions that drive user productivity and help service organizations protect and maintain devices. Intel® Core™ Ultra processors shape the future of commercial computing in four major ways:

  • A holistic approach to power-efficiency that benefits mobile/hybrid work.

  • AI-optimized architecture that supports new user experiences and the next wave of commercial applications.

  • New platform protections that reduce the attack surface of PCs.

  • A new way for cloud services and tools to interact with PCs and leverage deeper telemetry to help inform device management decisions.

These four advancements represent inflection points impacting all future commercial PC offerings.

Laptops that feature Intel® Core™ Ultra processors and meet Intel vPro® Evo™ Edition design requirements employ the latest power-efficiency guidelines, resulting in cooler and quieter devices with longer battery life and consistent responsiveness whether running off AC or battery power.

Intel® Core™ Ultra processors further elevate mobile collaboration with support for AI-assisted background blur, noise suppression, eye tracking, and picture framing. In addition, scores of commercial apps and AI features further enhance the user experience for common content creation and productivity tasks.

The integrated AI engine on Intel® CoreUltra processors is designed to make security software more powerful and efficient at detecting anomalies that signal potential security breaches.

Intel® CoreUltra processors also feature a security engine that is used to authenticate select system firmware, providing a new platform protection mechanism that will scale across silicon generations.

Finally, this platform introduces the Intel® Innovation Platform Framework (Intel® IPF) as the new in-band management interface for Intel vPro® platform enabled laptops. Intel® IPF provides device management software with a new way to interact with Intel vPro® platform features.

Intel® Evo™ Platform

Engineered to do it all—that’s a laptop evolved.

Intel® Evo™ laptops powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors deliver a no-compromise premium mobile experience by verifying that each laptop design meets the premium standards you desire. We are continually adding innovative features that evolve the laptop experience. Intel spent thousands of hours studying the way people use their laptops in real life and then collaborated with leading PC makers to co-engineer, optimize, and verify these laptop designs. To obtain the Intel® Evo™ brand seal of approval, laptop designs must pass rigorous testing around performance, battery life, connectivity, audio & visual quality, size, weight, and more. And to ensure an evolving laptop experience, innovative features are continuously built in and introduced for the first time through Intel® Evo™ laptops. The result is a sleek and stylish premium laptop that delivers cuttingedge innovation and the ideal combination of world-class performance, outstanding graphics, and ultimate mobility with features like fast-charging & long-lasting battery, consistent responsiveness on battery, instant wake, and best-in-class connectivity.5

Intel® Unison™ software has an intuitive one-time setup that’s fast, easy, and does not require an email or cloud account to set up and use. Intel® Unison™ software is flexible, letting you connect your choice of PC and phone or tablet (Android or iOS) to do file transfers, photo sharing, text messaging, phone calls, and notifications all from your PC without waking up your phone.7