Dr. Amitai Armon

Chief Data Scientist & Principal Engineer, Intel Advanced Analytics


  • AI and Society

  • Autonomous Driving

  • Computer Vision

  • ML Algo and Theory

  • Multi-modal AI



Chief Data Scientist & Principal Engineer, Intel Advanced Analytics

Dr. Amitai Armon is the Chief Data Scientist and Principal-Engineer at Intel’s Advanced Analytics group, a group of over 150 experts located in Israel. The group uses artificial intelligence to solve Intel’s global challenges in diverse domains, affecting almost every computer user. This includes speeding processor design, making processor manufacturing more efficient, facilitating sales and increasing processor performance. The group utilizes a rich variety of data, including video, text and multi-dimensional time-series data. Prior to joining Intel, Amitai was the co-Founder and Director of Research at TaKaDu, a data-science company that received multiple international awards, including the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers award (Davos Summit). He previously was a visiting research scholar at the Los-Alamos National Lab (USA). Amitai has about 20 years of experience in performing and leading data-science work. He holds a PhD in computer-science from the Tel Aviv University in Israel, where he previously completed his BSc with honors at the age of 18. During his PhD studies he worked as a lecturer in Tel-Aviv University, where he also teaches data-science at present.


Additional Expertise:

Natural Language Processing (NLP), Neuroscience, Personalization, Reinforcement Learning (RL)