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Technology and Society

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Technology and Society

Technology and Society

Thirty years after the invention of the world's first commercial microprocessor by a group of Intel engineers, it's still just the dawn of the digital age. This might seem surprising. After all, microprocessors are everywhere. By one estimate, there are already 15 billion of them running our breadmakers, clock radios, calculators, heating/cooling systems, streetlights, ATMs, and of course, our computers. Without a microprocessor a modern car wouldn't start, a cell phone wouldn't ring, and a TV remote wouldn't switch channels.

What More Can the Microprocessor Do?

To answer that question, it's time to look outside The Journey InsideSM. In this section, you'll look at how people all around us are adapting to the digital world and how it's changing the way we live and work.

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Technology and Society

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