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The Journey InsideSM

A Fascinating Look At the World of Computers

The Journey InsideSM is a collection of 35 interactive, online lessons for students to learn about technology, computers, and society. Many of the lessons utilize interactive, media-rich Flash* activities, virtual field trips, and videos demonstrating the ideas discussed to guide students to an increased understanding of the world of technology. Students, teachers, and anyone interested can work on the lessons and activities at their own pace to complete any or all of the six sections: Introduction to Computers, Circuits and Switches, Digital Information, Microprocessors, The Internet, and Technology and Society. Detailed instructional strategies written for the teacher extend the lessons and key concepts in the classroom.

There is no need to register. The curriculum is available for free, from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Students can work on the lessons from the classroom, during free moments, or even from home.


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Learn about the features of The Journey InsideSM curriculum and the benefits of using it in the classroom.

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Begin using the lessons, activities, and virtual field trips in the classroom.

Instructional Strategies

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Discover innovative ways to use the lessons and activities to help students explore the history, manufacture, and uses of computer technology.



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Review the technical specifications that optimize use of The Journey InsideSM.

The Journey InsideSM

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