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Unable to Start the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) Because of a System Incompatibility


Windows 11* Family


Options for addressing the start issue with Intel® XTU and Windows* Virtualization-based security (VBS)


When trying to open Intel® XTU, the system shows an error: Unable to Start Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility because of a system incompatibility.


    Windows* virtualization-based security (VBS) is incompatible with Intel® XTU, and will display an Unable to Start error message.  Refer to What is Virtualization-based Security (VBS)? for more information 

    Generally, VBS will be running in the background when one or more of the services below is enabled.

    • Core Isolation Memory Integrity
    • Hyper-V
    • Virtual Machine Platform
    • Windows Hypervisor Platform
    • Windows Defender Credential Guard

    Intel® XTU is unable to start due to incompatibility with VBS unless your system has undervolt protection enabled.

    Follow the steps below for resolution, by identifying the generation of your Intel Core™ Processor to know if your processor has Undervolt Protection.

    Identify your Intel® Core™ Processor.

    For 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors and newer with Undervolt Protection

    Intel® XTU is incompatible with Windows VBS if Undervolt Protection is not enabled in BIOS. Undervolt Protection is only available for 12th Generation and newer.

    Unable to start screenshot

    Follow the steps below to enable UVP:

    NoteUndervolt Protection is only available on 12th Generation Intel® Core™ and newer Generations
    1. Update OS with latest Windows patches.
    2. Use latest Intel® XTU. Download Intel® XTU.
    3. Ensure the latest BIOS patches are installed with Undervolt Protection (UVP).
    4. If Undervolt Protection feature is available in the BIOS, confirm it is enabled.
    5. If no Undervolt Protection feature is available in the BIOS, contact motherboard or OEM for support. Most OEMs have UVP enabled. Some are visible within the BIOS, others are not.

    For 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors and older Generation without undervolt protection

    Intel® XTU is incompatible with Windows VBS (Virtualization-based Security). Intel® XTU is Unable to start since it is blocked from getting processor parameters when virtualization is detected. For more information on VBS, visit Microsoft Virtualization-based Security (VBS).

    Unable to start screenshot

    Overclocking manually through the BIOS is still possible. Advanced users can manually fine-tune many aspects of CPU performance through the BIOS. Check out How to Overclock Your CPU from BIOS to learn more.

    NoteAltering clock frequency or voltage may void any product warranties and reduce stability, security, performance, and life of the processor and other components.