Intel® Laminar RH1 Cooler Installation Instructions and Video


Install & Setup



The Intel® Laminar RH1 cooler is shipped with below Intel® Boxed Processors:

  • Intel® Core™ i9 processor (14th gen) 14900 or 14900F
  • Intel® Core™ 13th Gen i9-13900 or i9-13900F
  • Intel® Core™ 12th Gen i9-12900 or i9-12900F

The Intel® Laminar RH1 Cooler is compatible with LGA1700 socket.

Refer to LGA1700 Manual with Fan Heatsink for installation instructions.

High-level installation instructions of this cooler are:

  • Before installing the cooler, make sure that the processor is installed in the socket and motherboard is not installed in the case. For CPU installation, visit Processor Installation in an LGA1700 Socket.
  • Don’t touch the pre-installed thermal paste.
  • Loosening all the screws will separate the bracket from the cooler. Remove the tape from the bracket. Install the bracket on the underside of the motherboard. Then attach the cooler.
  • Fan connector to the processor fan header is on the motherboard.
  • If motherboard supports RGB, then connect RGB cable to the motherboard. If the motherboard doesn’t support RGB, then tie RGB so that it doesn’t dangle and interfere with motherboard.


Installation video


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