Processor Installation for Intel® Core™ 12th, 13th Generation and 14th gen (Socket LGA1700)


Install & Setup



This integration process for Intel® Boxed Processors is based on the LGA1700 desktop socket.

  1. This installation applies to Intel® Processor for Desktop, specifically the Intel® processor 300, as it also uses the LGA 1700 socket. For compatibility details refer to Intel® Processor for Desktop Compatibility and BIOS Update.
  2. Desktop Intel® Core™ Processors 12th, Intel® Core™ 13th Generation and Intel® Core™ 14th gen use the LGA1700 socket and they need Intel® 600 or Intel® 700 Series Chipset motherboards to deliver the rated performance. For compatibility details refer to Compatibility of Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors (12th, 13th and 14th gen).

Installation process for Intel® Boxed Processors based on the LGA1700 Desktop Socket

During the processor installation process, make sure the processor is seated correctly in the socket before actuating the Independent Loading Mechanism (ILM) lever. Improper installation can damage your processor and make it inoperable.

To make sure the processor is seated correctly, check for the following:

  • Match the Pin 1 marker on the processor with the Pin 1 marker on the socket.
  • Make sure the processor notches align correctly with the socket keying features. (Refer to Socket LGA1700 and Comparison with Socket LGA1200).
  • After the processor is seated in the socket, check that all four corner heights are level.

Failure to follow the installation procedures can lead to bending of the processor package corners when the Independent Loading Mechanism (ILM) lever is actuated. Do a visual inspection to confirm the correct seating of the processor in the socket.


Watch this video of Intel® Core™ Desktop Processor 12th, 13th Generations and 14th gen installation in an LGA1700 Socket:



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