How To Find a Previous Version of an Intel® Graphics Driver


Install & Setup



You can manually find an older graphics driver on the Download Center by following the steps below.

  1. Identify the Intel® Processor number and note the Intel® Processor (example: i7-10750H).
    • Press on the Windows key Windows key on your keyboard and start typing System, choose System Information. This will show the processor information such as the processor number.
  2. Go to the Download Center and enter the processor number (identified in step 1) in the search bar.
  3. Filter by the Drivers Download Type and select the desired driver group.
  4. Select a previous graphics driver version by choosing it from the Version drop-down menu.

Download Center


Older graphics driver versions not listed in the Download Center may be available at your computer manufacturer's site.

Reasons for Installing an Older Graphics Driver Version:

  • To resolve a graphics-related issue introduced in newer drivers. Example: Visual corruption appears after installing a newer driver version
  • As advised by an Intel Customer Support agent
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