Changes for Intel® Optane™ Memory with the Intel® RST Driver Version 19.0 and Greater


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The Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) driver software version 19.x contains multiple changes in regard to Intel® Optane™ Memory, as listed below.

  1. The Intel RST Driver supports 11th/12th Generation Processor-based platforms only with an Intel® VMD capable BIOS.
  2. Intel Optane Memory Series and Intel Optane Memory M10 Series devices are not supported.
    Note Learn about these devices reaching End of Life and driver/platforms supported.
  3. The Pinning feature will no longer be supported. If upgrading from a previous driver that supported Pinning, pinned data will continue to be accelerated but managed by the standard Intel RST acceleration algorithm.
    • The Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management Application version 19.x and later will no longer provide pinning management.
    • The standard algorithm refers to the Intel RST goal of providing increased responsiveness for data that is most used and accessed.
  4. Enabling remapping of the drives to be accelerated by the Intel RST driver software can now be done from within the application in the operating system.
    Note For the Intel RST driver software to detect the storage drives and properly manage them, they must be remapped. With previous releases this was required to be done in the BIOS. Availability of this mapping in the application is new with this latest version of the software.