Warning: Installing This Graphics Driver From Intel May Overwrite Customizations From Your Computer Manufacturer (OEM)


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Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (IDSA) shows the following warning: 

Installing this graphics driver from Intel may overwrite customizations from your Computer Manufacturer (OEM).

If a newer graphics driver is available from your computer manufacturer, we recommend you install that driver instead. To learn more about installing an Intel driver on your OEM system, refer to this article. If you encounter any issues with the Intel driver, please report them to us.

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Why did I get this warning?

IDSA detects a customized graphics driver is installed and is offering to install an Intel generic driver over the customizations made by your computer manufacturer.

Why should I proceed with the installation?

On your 6th Generation Intel® Processor platform or higher, your computer manufacturer customizations remain intact with each upgrade and the OEMs can maintain customizations separately via Microsoft Windows Update. To identify your Intel® Processor generation, see How to Find the Generation of Intel® Core™ Processors.

Intel also regularly releases driver updates for the latest products. Agreeing to install the driver via IDSA allows you to have the latest features, game enhancements, and bug fixes from Intel alongside your OEM customizations.

What if I see issues after updating to this generic driver?

The generic graphics driver from Intel has not been validated for your specific PC and thus can exhibit issues specific to your system. If issues are seen after installing this driver, restore your original experience by reinstalling the latest graphics driver directly from your OEM. If OEM drivers are not available, but the rollback option in the device manager is still available, perform a rollback.

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