Article ID: 000036526 Content Type: Troubleshooting Last Reviewed: 05/19/2022

Intel® Graphics Control Panel Error “Custom Resolution Exceeds Maximum Bandwidth”


Intel® HD Graphics 630Intel Graphics Control PanelOriginal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) systems (i.e.: laptop, mini PC, all in one PC. etc). 


Describes an error when setting a custom resolution on a built-in screen of a laptop using the Intel Graphics Control Panel.


Unable to set a custom resolution om a laptop using the Intel® Graphics Control Panel due to error "custom resolution exceeds maximum bandwidth"



The ability to set Custom Resolutions through the Intel® HD Graphics controller depends on the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of your system. Computer manufacturers design and create their systems with their specifications meaning that they can also set limitations such as the supported resolutions.

In these cases, we recommend installing the latest drivers provided by the OEM and to double check with your OEM's support to see if this feature is blocked/limited on the system. If it is not blocked, they can educate on how to correctly set a custom resolution.

If you cannot resolve your problem through your OEM's driver, you can find latest generic Intel® HD Graphics drivers can be found on our Download Center. Be aware that replacing your OEM driver with a generic graphics driver from Intel may cause some features on your system to stop working.