Troubleshoot Detection Issues with the Intel® Optane™ Memory H Series





Below are some issue descriptions if problems are encountered with detection of the Intel Optane Memory H Series module. Click any issue descriptions you are encountering to link to possible solutions.

The Intel® Optane™ memory H Series is a hybrid solution that contains Intel® Optane™ memory media and also Intel® QLC 3D NAND media on the same M.2 device. Until the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology driver and software are installed, these will appear as two individual storage devices/drives in the OS and BIOS. See more about the product and details on how to configure a system to support.


  • We recommend you work with your system vendor when disabling/enabling acceleration before proceeding. The platform could have customizations within the system BIOS or OS image.
  • If the drive is not detected in the OS or BIOS, this may be a hardware issue, contact Intel Customer Support for assistance
  • Always back up all data before making configuration/management changes to storage devices.
  • If you are looking for assistance with detection of the Intel® Optane™ Memory M Series, see here.


If you encounter an issue not listed above, please use the feedback pop-up to describe what you encounter so that we can investigate.

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