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"No Compatible Optane Device Found": Error Message when Trying to Manage Intel® Optane™ Memory H Series with SSD


Windows 10


Explains and gives steps to resolve issue when Intel Optane Memory H Series with SSD isn’t detected in Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management app.


Windows* Device Manager and Disk Management detect the module, but  Intel® Optane™ memory-capable applications do not.

Example: No Compatible Optane Device Found  error message


System BIOS is not configured properly for acceleration and the Intel® RST controller to detect. This results in Windows managing the device as two separate PCIe* storage devices (Note: Use of the device in this state is unsupported.)

Refer to your system manufacturer for more details or specific guidance before proceeding to follow the steps below.


If the settings in 2a or 2b below are not right, do not change them, as this can result in the system no longer booting to the OS. The operating system will need to be installed with the proper settings. See the Installation Guide for more information.


  1. Back up all data before proceeding.
  2. Confirm the following settings:
    1. Boot Option is set to UEFI and CSM is disabled.
    2. SATA Controller Mode is set to Intel RST Premium... and not AHCI.
    3. Remapping is Disabled or Not RST Controlled for both media devices on the PCIe-M.2 ports that contain the module1,2.


1 The Intel® Optane™ Memory H Series contains both Intel® Optane™ memory media and Intel® QLC 3D media on the same form factor. This will be recognized as two separate PCIe x2 storage devices in platforms with the supported system BIOS.
Confirm with the system vendor on specific settings.