How to Find the Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Core™ Processors





You can find the supported operating system for Intel® Core™ Processors such as Windows® 10, OS X,  Linux* OS, and Chrome* OS using the Intel® Compatibility database, and clicking Processor OS Compatibility.

The processor operating system (OS) compatibility page has four sections:

  1. Intel® Core™ i9
  2. Intel® Core™ i7
  3. Intel® Core™ i5
  4. Intel® Core™ i3

Steps to find the supported OS for your processor:

  1. Identify your Intel® Processor, or the note the processor that you need information about.
  2. Visit Processor OS Compatibility and look for the section matching the identifier of the processor (i9, i7, i5, or i3). For example, if the processor is i7-9700KF, look for the processor under the Intel® Core™ i7 after expanding the list.
  3. Locate all the operating systems that are supported for this processor.

The list also shows the Intel® Core™ Generation and the segment whether it is a desktop or mobile (laptops) processors.

Note: If you have any questions related to the operating system support for your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) PC, contact the OEM for support.



The supported operating systems for i7-10700K are Windows® 10 64-bit, and Linux* OS.

Processor OS Compatibility


Processor OS Compatibility


Intel Core i7



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