Technical Advisories (TA) for Intel® Server Boards, Intel® Server Systems, Intel® Accelerators, and Intel® RAID/Storage Products






TA-1185: Differences in Redfish* logging between Intel® Power Supply Models
TA-1184: Intel® Server Systems M50CYP Family Cannot Communicate with Network Controller Card X550
TA-1181: RT3EX020E RAID Cards Shipped with Incorrect, Legacy Only Firmware


TA-1176: Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) SSL certificate and private key loaded on the system may be replaced when upgrading BMC firmware to version 2.86.2da97d3f
TA-1175: Intel® Server Debug and Provisioning Tool (Intel® SDP Tool) Mount Error
TA-1174: Intel® DCS for HCI, Nutanix* Enterprise Cloud Platform – Mount Error Causes Installation Failure
TA-1177: Incorrect UPC and EAN codes used for new Intel® Server Systems S2600WFXXX, MM#s 99AW7C and 99AW7M
TA-1171: Intel® DCS for HCI, Certified for Nutanix* Enterprise Cloud Platform – M50CYP BIOS does not set correct ENABLED default for Intel® VT
TA-1169: Intel® DCS for HCI, Certified for Nutanix* Enterprise Cloud Platform – M50CYP Nodes Will Fail with "ERROR: This platform Generation is not supported"
TA -1168: Intel® DCS for HCI, Certified for Nutanix* Enterprise Cloud Platform – HNS2600BPB24NUR will Fail to Complete LCM Update
TA-1178: Technical Advisory Incorrect Information Displayed on BIOS POST Screen, PCH Version Field on BIOS Settings, and Rework Label on Products within the Intel® Server M20NTP (North Pass) Family
TA-1180-00: Intel® Server Boards D50TNP and Intel® Server System D50TNP, May Have Incorrect MAC Address Programming


TA-1167: Intel® Server Board M50CYP Family Has a Hardware Setting that Prevents Functionality of Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT)
TA-1166: Using Nutanix Foundation* to Enable Imaging of Platforms that only Support UEFI Boot Mode
TA-1165: Incorrect Cabling on LWF2224NX Leads to Erroneous Display in Nutanix* PRISM Hardware Diagram
TA-1161: BMC Firmware version 2.48.ce3e3bd2 implements new password complexity rules


TA-1157: Baseboard Management Controller FW Update for the Intel® Server Board M10JNP2SB may fail when using an In-band Method from FW Versions 1.03 and Earlier
TA-1155: Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) Keyboard Controller Style (KCS) Interface Advisory
TA-1153: Initialization of some Intel® RAID Modules RMSP3AD160F and RMSP3CD080F may halt during System POST
TA-1152: Intel® Tri-Mode family of Intel® RAID Controllers with firmware version 5.050.00-1367 or 5.050.01-1367 may cause data integrity issues on RAID virtual drives configured using RAID-5 or RAID-6 in Write-Through mod


TA-1146: Intel® OFU and Syscfg Utilities report error message when running on Linux OS with the kernel setting iomem=strict
TA-1145: Intel® ME update failure is reported on Intel® Server Board S2600BP when using Intel® OFU to update SFUP between R0013/14/15/16
TA-1144: Intel® Server S7200APR Product Family has Engineering Sample Labels on the Boards
TA-1143: Invocation of the ipmitool from the Remote System Requires Extra Parameters to Connect to Intel® Server Systems
TA-1140: Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory Presents Incorrect Memory Power Monitoring with First Generation Intel® Server Board S2600WF/S2600BP Product Families


TA-1135: Wrong version number printed on the package label for AXXFULLRAIL, AXXSHRTRAIL, and AXXCMA2
TA-1134: Failure to launch Remote Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) and Serial-over-LAN (SOL) due to JAVA certificate expired
TA-1132: Intel® Server Board S2600BP Based System May Not Power After AC Power Cycle When Used with Intel® Server Chassis H2204XXLRE or H2312XXLR3
TA-1131: System Throttling and System Event Log (SEL) Events Generated by the 2130W Power Supplies


TA-1127: Fail to boot or install certain Linux* distributions due to an issue discovered in the OS embedded Intel® Quick Assist Technology driver
TA-1125: Intel® Server Board S2600WF, S2600BP, and S2600ST Product Family fail to initialize the operating system video driver for the ASPEED* Base Management Controller (BMC)
TA-1124: Intel® Server Board S1200SP Product Family is Affected by Errata on Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 v5 and v6 Family
TA-1123: Intel® Compute Module HNS2600TP24 Product Family displays critical Power Supply current events in the System Event Log
TA-1122: The Intel® Server Accessories AXXTPM E6 and AXXTPM E7 with TPM 2.0 can't provision when the TXT feature is enabled
TA-1119: Intel® Server Board S7200AP Product Family Displays Critical Power Supply Current Events in the System Event Log (SEL)
TA-1118: BIOS Update Required for the Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator to Conform to Intel Reliability Target
TA-1117: Possible data integrity issues after a power outage


If your TA is not listed here, contact Intel customer support.