Intel® Data Center Manager Console and SDK

Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM) provides high value power management features that address power and thermal issues challenging IT organizations.

The Intel® DCM Console

  • Easy to Install
    • Install in minutes with minimal system requirements
    • Scan networks and add devices automatically
    • Easily add racks, rows and rooms of systems
  • Collect Real-Time Power Data
    • Offers cross platform support
    • Requires no OS rights or privileges
    • Provides historical information
  • Analysis Tools
    • Identify hot and cold areas
    • Detect underutilized systems
    • Visualize power consumption
  • Historical Trending
    • Historical data maintained for a year
    • Power and thermal data compiled and aggregated
    • Data is exportable
  • Alerting and Control
    • Create alerts and have them forwarded
    • Implement power consumption policy
    • Carry out power policies

Intel® Data Center Manager Console and SDK

Here are just a few of the features and benefits for the Intel® Data Center Manager Console and SDK:


  • Real-time monitoring of actual power and inlet temperature data aggregated to rack, row, room
  • User-defined physical or logical groups
  • Receives alerts based on custom power and thermal events
  • Power estimation engine for legacy servers lacking power



  • Intelligent and patented group policy engine
  • Supports multiple concurrent active power policy types at multiple hierarchy levels
  • Accepts workload priority as policy directive


Easy integration and co-existence

  • Device inventory pre-scan using IP ranges
  • Exposes high level Web Services Description Language (WSDL) APIs
  • Can reside on an independent management server or co-exist with ISV product on same server

Now Available
Use a free-standing Intel® management console or an SDK for integration into a larger software suite.