Intel® Data Center Manager Console and SDK

Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM) provides high value power management features that address power and thermal issues challenging IT organizations.

Challenges in Data Centers

  1. Older data centers are maxed out in power capacity.

  2. Poor thermal design leads to hot spots that limit rack loading.

  3. Establishing a power monitoring capability requires establishing a separate infrastructure of IP based intelligent power strips.

  4. Lack of visibility into actual power consumption requires significant overprovisioning to maintain reserve margins.

The Intel® DCM Console

  • Easy to Install
    • Install in minutes with minimal system requirements
    • Scan networks and add devices automatically
    • Easily add racks, rows and rooms of systems
  • Collect Real-Time Power Data
    • Offers cross platform support
    • Requires no OS rights or privileges
    • Provides historical information
  • Analysis Tools
    • Identify hot and cold areas
    • Detect underutilized systems
    • Visualize power consumption
  • Historical Trending
    • Historical data maintained for a year
    • Power and thermal data compiled and aggregated
    • Data is exportable
  • Alerting and Control
    • Create alerts and have them forwarded
    • Implement power consumption policy
    • Carry out power policies

Intel® Data Center Manager Console and SDK

Here are just a few of the features and benefits for the Intel® Data Center Manager Console and SDK:


  • Real-time monitoring of actual power and inlet temperature data aggregated to rack, row, room
  • User-defined physical or logical groups
  • Receives alerts based on custom power and thermal events
  • Power estimation engine for legacy servers lacking power



  • Intelligent and patented group policy engine
  • Supports multiple concurrent active power policy types at multiple hierarchy levels
  • Accepts workload priority as policy directive


Easy integration and co-existence

  • Device inventory pre-scan using IP ranges
  • Exposes high level Web Services Description Language (WSDL) APIs
  • Can reside on an independent management server or co-exist with ISV product on same server

Now Available
Use a free-standing Intel® management console or an SDK for integration into a larger software suite.