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Learn about individual customer preferences in order to present more relevant information in a timely and personalized way—informing customers about products that truly matter to them.

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Increase Brand Awareness

Digital Advertisements: When customers enter your store, a wayfinder or digital sign can get their attention and motivate them to buy a product. Better yet, show the person standing in front of the sign a directed advertisement based on their gender and age range, which is determined anonymously and while respecting viewer privacy.

At the same time, access quantitative data such as impression counts, viewer demographics, and dwell times that indicate the effectiveness of promotions. The solution can be applied to digital signs in a wide variety of applications, including vending machines, electronic shelf labels, and signage walls.

Intelligent Digital Shelving: As customers pass through store aisles, grab their attention using intelligent digital shelving (i.e., digital screens) that play eye-catching, high-definition video and animation about products and in-store specials. This advertising content can also generate incremental revenue from product manufacturers, who will be able to connect with consumers when buying decisions are made.

Moreover, it eliminates the need for employees to print and attach price labels on the shelves, thereby reducing operating costs and increasing the accuracy of shelf prices.

Retailer Benefits:

  • Offer the right product mix
  • Reach customers at the point of decision
  • Reduce inventory distortion
  • Raise brand awareness

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Retail solutions for personalized in-store shopping experiences help build customer loyalty across the entire shopping journey, while increasing brand awareness, boosting productivity, and reducing operating expenses.

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With dynamic merchandising, calculate how much inventory is needed for a given store each day and make dynamic price adjustments that eliminate overstocks and rebalance supply to demand.

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In today’s ultra competitive retail landscape, delivering valuable customer experiences is everything. That’s why digital signage has evolved into such a powerful consumer touch point. Now, the Intel® Retail Client Manager (Intel® RCM) enables retailers to deliver digital content to every screen with greater impact, when and where it matters most. Remotely manage marketing campaigns and play directed content on the fly, quickly and easily.

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