Hiring Process and Tips

Applying for a job at Intel

Applying for a Job at Intel

To apply, select the job opening, read the description, and confirm that you have the qualifications and interest in that job.

If so, select Apply Online, and then log in or create Your Candidate Profile

Review and update Your Candidate Profile, as applicable, for the position for which you are applying.

Select Save and Continue to quickly move through the application process, or select Save as Draft if you want to save your profile or application so you can come back to complete it later (both are located under the Application Progress Bar or at the bottom of each page).  

If you select Quit, you'll lose all the information you entered since the last time you saved it as a draft. 

Be sure to include relevant attachments, specify your preferences, and complete the prescreening questionnaire (if applicable). It is highly recommended that one of the attachments is your resume/curriculum vitae (C.V.) in the local language.

Upon completing the application, you must select Submit; the tool will confirm your submission by displaying a message thanking you for applying to Intel.